Комплект Arduino Classroom pack

Комплект Arduino Classroom pack


Arduino Classroom Pack включва 6 от най-популярните Arduino Starter комплекти. Всеки сет може да се използва от двама ученика, като общия брой деца работещи едновременно е 12. Всеки комплект се състои от няколко сензора, Arduino Uno Rev 3 платка, както и книжка с инструкции за първи стъпки в електрониката. Заедно с това децата получават 30-дневен пробен достъп до приложението Chromebook Education.

Във всеки Arduino Starter сет има книжка със 170 страници инструкции относно 15 проекта:

  • 01. GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS: An introduction to the basics.
  • 02. SPACESHIP INTERFACE: Design a control panel for a starship.
  • 03. LOVE-O-METER: Measure how hot-blooded you are.
  • 04. COLOR MIXING LAMP: Produce any color with a lamp that uses light as an input.
  • 05. MOOD CUE: Let people know how you’re doing.
  • 06. LIGHT THEREMIN: Create a musical instrument you play by waving your hands.
  • 07. KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT: Play music with this keyboard.
  • 08. DIGITAL HOURGLASS: A light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much.
  • 09. MOTORIZED PINWHEEL: A colored wheel that will make your head spin.
  • 10. ZOETROPE: Create a mechanical animation you can play–and in reverse.
  • 11. CRYSTAL BALL: A mystical tour to answer all your tough questions.
  • 12. KNOCK LOCK: Unlock a door with a secret knock.
  • 13. TOUCHY-FEELY LAMP: A lamp that responds to your touch.
  • 14. TWEAK THE ARDUINO LOGO: Control your personal computer from your Arduino.
  • 15. HACKING BUTTONS: Create a master control for all of your devices!


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